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We do too! But affording to travel can sometimes be a challenge. We understand!

We’re here to help you budget for your trips, share amazing destinations, and provide insight into what travel can mean to a family. Join the tribe and start traveling more today!

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I’m Cat Holladay, an adventure lover and travel writer. The Compass Is Calling is a collection of amazing family adventures as well as a travel and lifestyle blog. I aim to provide you with genuinely helpful budgeting advice to allow your family to reach the financial freedom to travel more. I also provide destination reviews, travel tips and hacks, and curated lists of tried and tested products related to family travel.

I also seek to show you small lifestyle changes you can easily implement in order to start traveling more (both near and far) – leading to greater happiness and a lifelong passion for learning.

Join the community and gain new perspectives on life, learning, and contentment.

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